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We've added a new location at Morgan Hill and are adding another in Los Gatos to make traveling to your postoperative visits more convenient.

Photorejuvenation: A no down time treatment for skin imperfections

The most rapidly growing area in plastic surgery is photorejuvenation or FotofacialT. FotofacialT treatments use pulses of light to treat skin imperfections. Skin conditions treated by FotofacialT treatments include sun-damaged skin with enlarged pores, dull complexions, brown spots, fine wrinkles, and vascular lesions including broken capillaries and areas of chronic flushing due to chronically dilated blood vessels. Patients treated with this technology report improvement in all of these skin conditions. That is the beauty of this treatment; FotofacialsT treat a variety of common skin problems all at once with noticeable results.

The other advantage of FotofacialT treatments is that there is no down time for healing . You can apply makeup to your skin right after the treatment and return to your normal activities the day of treatment. As we enter fall I see this as a great opportunity to correct sun damage that has occurred over the summer. You will be able to complete your series of five treatments prior to the holiday season, so that your skin can look best for this special time of year without interfering with your busy lifestyle.

Combining FotofacialT treatments with surgical procedures enhances the results of surgery

Face lifts and eyelid lifts correct problems below the skin surface, like jowls or bags under the eyes. The results of these surgical procedures are dramatic and cannot be attained by non-surgical procedures that threat the skin only. FotofacialT treatments are mild enough that they can be combined with these surgical procedures to get the best possible results by removing broken capillaries, brown spots or large pores not treated by facelifts.

Additionally, FotofacialT can be used on skin not treated by surgical procedures that is too delicate for harsher forms of skin rejuvenation like laser resurfacing. The neck, chest, and hand skin can be treated to decrease brown spots or fine wrinkles. This is a great finishing touch to a face-lift because it rejuvenates the entire body, which allows you to achieve the natural youthful appearance for which you strive.