patient testimonials for Karen Aigen, RN

patient testimonials

Wonderful experience all around. The office is tastefully decorated modern and it is very clean, just beautiful. I had a Fraxel with Karen and I must say the time and attention she gave me was amazing. She was calm and professional. I’m a few days out and I can’t wait to see the final results! (I have had another office do laser resurfacing and there is no comparison)Karen also did my Botox and guess what? – no crazy eyebrows – like I’ve had in the past at another office. I can’t wait to do fillers soon. Overall my best non-invasive procedures to date! This office is a class act from start to finish! Karen doesn’t look over-done and fake. After all you would never go to a dentist with bad teeth, or a hair dresser with bad hair right? I have found my little slice of heaven at Dr. Struck’s office.

I am a 66 yr old male that for many years my wife has wanted me to address the many brown spots on my forehead. About 2 1/2 years ago I had the spot burnt off with a laser leaving me with very ugly scabs for about 2 weeks and not to mention the severe pain I felt when the process was being done. The spots did go away but then did come back. Recently, with the care of Dr. Struck and Karen Aigen,RN, I had the Fraxel Treatment done to my forehead and face. The treatment itself was painless, the recovery was simple and the results were excellent. Karen had me go to dermatologists first to make sure my brown spot were not anything of concern and handled my treatment totally professional. The results are great! Dr Struck, Karen and Trish are a great team to work with. I totally recommend them with great confidence.

I came to Karen for botox because of the deep lines between my eyebrows. I was tired of people asking me if I was angry, but I was worried about having droopy eyebrows after botox or losing facial expression. Karen did a great job of explaining her technique for botox injections and how she avoids dropping of the brows. She treated me with such kindness. Her personality along with her great customer service skills made me feel pampered. Karen made my Botox treatment an overall great experience!
Kelli A.

The seasoned Nurse Karen is fun and fabulous in her care and procedure she did on me. I have had two treatments so far, and Nurse Karen always followed up with me, tracked my recovery progress and encouraged me to do the right thing to ensure speedy recovery so I could be back to work looking great.
Thank you Nurse Karen!


Karen, RN is a wonderful nurse. she makes you feel like a VIP (very important patient) I get my injectables from her. She takes her time injecting you and lets you breathe between. I would highly recommend her.

One again Dr. Struck and his amazing staff,Trish and Lupe, along with the new skin rejuvenation specialist Karen are continuing to be at the front of the newest technologies for holding back the hands of time. The 1927 Fraxal Laser is wonderful at removing sun damage and age spots. Since it is non invasive the down time was minimal and the results are fabulous. I truly appreciated Karen’s very kind manner and professionalism during the 1927 laser procedure. She is a wonderful addition to an already great team.

As a long time patient of Dr. Struck, It never fails to impress me at the level of courtesy and professionalism I encounter when arriving at his office. The skin specialist Karen (a new fabulous addiiton to his already remarkable staff of Trish and Lupe) really knows her stuff when it comes to the 1927 Fraxal Laser treatment. I am so happy with the results. I couldn’t imagine the age and sun spots hiding beneath the surface that are now gone for good.

Wanda-Morgan Hill