Q: What is ultrasonic liposuction?
A: The ultrasonic technique uses a sound wave to liquefy fat prior to its removal.

Q: What are the advantages of ultrasonic liposuction?
A: Greater amounts of fat can be removed more easily, especially from fibrous areas of the body like the love handles or upper abdomen
because the sound wave breaks up these fibrous areas prior to fat removal. The liquefied fat also results in a smoother result at the skin’s surface.

Q: Does liposuction improve cellulite?
A: No. Liposuction removes fat, but it does not change skin quality.

Q: Do you get close to the internal organs during liposuction or tummy tucks?
A: No. Liposuction is done superficial to the abdominal muscles. During tummy tucks, I tighten the abdominal muscles by placing stitches
on the surface of the abdominal muscles, but the abdomen is not entered.

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