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Q: Do you place breast implants above or below the muscle?
A: In the vast majority of cases I place implants below the muscle, because I believe this gives you a softer result.
The muscle action on the implant breaks up scar tissue around the implant that can result in hardness of the breast. In trim patients with
limited breast tissue, the muscle also gives additional coverage for the implant, which make the breast feel more natural.

Q: Do incisions around the nipple result in decreased nipple sensation?
A: It is extremely rare to see decreased sensation of the nipple with this incision. The nerve to the nipple enters the breast
in a predictable location and care is taken at the time of breast augmentation surgery to protect this nerve.

Q: Do you offer Silicone implants?
A: Yes. I am on an experimental protocol that allows me to use silicone in certain cases.

Q: When do you think Silicone is a better choice?
A: Patients who are trim with limited breast tissue are at risk for rippling when using saline implants due to the limited
amount of tissue they have to cover the implant. In these cases silicone can give a more natural and softer result with decreased rippling.

Q: Do you recommend routine removal and replacements of implants every 10-15 years?
A: No. I only recommend removal if you are having problems with your implants or if they have deflated.

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