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Breast Reduction Surgery – Los Gatos, Atherton, Morgan Hill CA

Breast Reduction surgery in Atherton, Los Gatos, Palo Alto offered by board certified surgeon . Information on breast implants, recovery, cost, post op care, techniques and more.

Breast reduction surgery decreases the size of the breast to reduce back pain and shoulder pain and it also lifts the breasts to create more youthful and smaller breasts. Traditional breast reduction surgery requires a “boat anchor” shaped incision that includes a circular incision around the areola, a linear vertical incision going straight down the breast to the base of the breast and a horizontal incision along the base of the breast hidden in the breast fold. The nipple is not removed during the procedure just reposition to its normal position. The second option is called a vertical breast reduction or “lollipop” incision. The lollipop includes the circular incision around the areola and the vertical incision forming the shape of a lollipop. The horizontal incision of a traditional boat anchor breast reduction is not necessary in a vertical breast reduction. The best candidates for the lollipop incisions are patients who only need a moderate reduction in size and a limited amount of lifting of the breast. More than any procedure in plastic surgery a full consultation with measurements and discussion of the incision is a must for breast reductions. Breast reduction patients are extremely happy with their results when the correct procedure is chosen after discussing all the options at their consultation.

Surgery Time • Two hours
Anesthesia • General anesthesia
Return Home • Same day
Recovery Time • Seven days to return to work
• No vigorous exercise for two to three weeks
Postoperative Care • Sports bra for two weeks following surgery with no underwires

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Reduction

Q: Is the nipple removed during a breast reduction?
A: No the nipple is not removed in either the traditional or lollipop breast reduction. The nipple is left attached to a central breast tissue mound and breast tissue is removed at the outer edges of the mound to reduce breast size while leaving sensation and circulation intact to the nipple.

Q: Is a breast lift part of a breast reduction?
A: Yes, Patients who need a breast lift almost always also need a breast lift because the weight of the large breasts causes the breast to droop prematurely.

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