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Brow Lift Surgery – Los Gatos, Atherton, Morgan Hill CA

As people age their brow droops, causing an older, tired appearance. By lifting the brow and taking weight off the eyelids, a brow lift makes you look younger and more rested without any facial incisions.

Three types of brow lift are done. Dr. Struck prefers an endoscopic technique, requiring only three half-inch incisions. Many other surgeons use a coronal procedure, creating a large ear-to-ear incision above the hairline. However, these types of incisions can cause hair loss, numbness and scarring.

For patients with a high hairline, Dr. Struck may use the third type of incision, which is one at the hairline. During this type of surgery he also will remove some excess skin, producing a lower hairline and lifting the brow. The incision does not cause hair loss because it is in front of the hairline, and the scar fades well into existing lines on the forehead.

Surgery Time • One and one-half hours
Anesthesia • IV sedation or general anesthesia
Return Home • Same day
Recovery Time • Back to work in seven to ten days
• Bruising may occur beneath the eyelids. This resolves in around ten days
• Reading immediately
Postoperative Care • Elevation of head with no bending or lifting for one week

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