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Cellulaze Treatment


Cellulaze – Cellulite Treatment in Atherton, Los Gatos and Morgan Hill

Cellulaze gives you visibly smoother, healthier looking skin – an anti-cellulite treatment that works.

Cellulaze’s unique approach delivers results in one single treatment that targets the structural problems underneath the skin that cause cellulite. This convenient in-office procedure done under local anesthesia allows Dr. Steven Struck to level out bumps, treat dimples that pull the skin down and stimulate collagen production to increase skins depth and elasticity for a proven longer lasting smoother look.

Surgery Time • one hour
Anesthesia • Local
Return Home • 1 hour after procedure
Recovery Time • No Time Off Work
• Limited exercise for one week
Postoperative Care • Garments are worn for 3 weeks to decrease swelling

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