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Face Lift Surgery – Los Gatos, Atherton, Morgan Hill CA

Facelift surgery in Atherton, Palo Alto and Los Gatos offered by board certified plastic surgeon. Information on face lift surgery, recovery time, cost, techniques, mini-facelifts and more.

A facelift can be used to treat problem areas around the face such as jowls and hanging skin. The goal is to make you look ten to fifteen years younger without changing your overall appearance. In order to maintain a natural look, Dr. Struck prefers to use endoscopic techniques that limit incision size and visibility.

Facelifts are often combined with a brow lift to create better harmony of the facial structures. For the same reason, laser resurfacing is often offered to reduce fine wrinkles around the mouth; a facelift corrects sagging and deep wrinkles.

For several days after surgery, you may experience tightness of the neck, numbness of the skin, and swelling. Home care, which we can help you arrange, is often recommended after surgery.

Surgery Time • 2 hours
Anesthesia • IV sedation (twilight sedation) or general anesthesia
Return Home • Same day
Recovery Time • 1- 2 weeks for return to work
Postoperative Care • Therapeutic massage and herbal medications applied topically
• Elevate head, with no bending over or lifting for one week

Frequently Asked Questions about Facelifts

Q: Can laser resurfacing and/or fat injections be done at the same time as a facelift?
A: Yes, Dr Struck loves the harmony and complete rejuvenation of a laser facelift, in which he combines laser resurfacing, a face lift and fat injections into a single procedure with a single recovery period.

Q: How long does a facelift last?
A: A facelift that places sutures in the SMAS (subcutaneous muscular aponeurotic system) will last eight to ten years.

Q: Am I too young for a facelift?
A: Everyone ages differently and this is very dependent on your inherited skeletal structure. The trend is towards less aggressive surgery at a younger age to maintain a more natural appearance. I have a large number of patients who have facelifts in their mid 40’s for this reason.

Q: Do you do facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid lifts all at the same time?
A: Yes. Doing all three at once creates better harmony between all areas of the face, because no one area appears much younger than others that have not received treatment.


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