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Laser Face Lift Surgery – Los Gatos, Atherton, Morgan Hill CA

Laser facelift surgery in Atherton, Palo Alto and Los Gatos offered by board certified plastic surgeon. Information on laser face lift surgery, recovery time, cost, techniques and more.

Dr Struck loves the harmony and complete rejuvenation of a laser facelift, in which he combines laser resurfacing, a face lift and fat injections into a single procedure with a single recovery period. All areas of facial aging are addressed. The laser rejuvenates the skin by tightening fine lines and treating photo damage which reults in pigmentary. Fat injections address loss of facial volume, which occurs with facial aging. The face lift itself lifts deep structures of the face like the hanging jowls and hanging skin and platysma bands or turkey bands of the neck. The entire face is rejuvenated by creating youthful healthy skin that matches the youthful structures created by the face lift and fat injections. The age of skin needs to match that of the facial structures in order to create a nature looking youthful face following a facelift. Many patients will also elect to have the skin of he hands and chest lasered as well to make sure the hands, neck, chest and face all appear equally youthful. More information about this unique approach to treating facial aging can be found by reading the abstract of Dr Struck’s presentation on this topic at the ASPS meeting in Seattle and in articles featuring Dr. Struck in New Beauty Magazine.

Surgery Time • 2-3 Hours
Anesthesia • IV sedation (twilight) or General
Return Home • Outpatient Surgery
Recovery Time • 1- 2 weeks for return to work
Postoperative Care • Elevate head of bed to decrease swelling
• Ice and herbal medication to decrease swelling
• No heavy lifting for 2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions about Facelifts

Q: What laser is used when combining full face laser resurfacing with a facelift?
A: I use one of 3 lasers for each patient depending on their skin type and type of facial aging. Most commonly I use the Fraxel Re:pair laser.

Q: Why do you chose the Repair fractional CO2 laser in most cases?
A: This is the best laser for skin tightening, and most patients want to treat fine lines around the mouth as well as lines of the forehead. Facelifts alone are not very effective at treating these lines and the laser is great at treating them. This makes for a great combination.

Q: What other lasers would you consider using at the same time as a facelift and why?
A: I will often use the fraxel Dual laser as well. What I like about this laser is that it is very good at treating pigmentary irregularity as well as fine lines of the mouth. This is a lighter laser so, when combined with a mini facelift patients with early facial aging can get a great result from this combined procedure and only take one week off work.

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