February 2012 Newsletter
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Do you shop for clothes that hide your body instead of fashions you're excited about?
Do you cover up at the beach?
Do you have localized areas of fat (in places like your tummy, inner thigh, or neck) that simply can't be exercised away?
Do you have loose skin on your upper arms, chin, neck, thighs or tummy?

If so, I've a solution for you. It's called SmartLipo, and it's a revolutionary new fat-removal and skin-tightening technology. It's different from traditional liposuction in that it causes less swelling and bruising, and takes less recovery time.

SmartLipo liquifies fat cells using laser energy, then removes the liquid fat with tiny, precise cannulas, leaving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue largely undisturbed.

It's been designed as an adjunct to traditional liposuction:
1- To handle smaller areas with more precision.
2- To cause less bruising and swelling.

Precision Makes All the Difference
SmartLipo has been developed as a tissue-selective, heat-assisted way to remove small areas of unwanted fat that don't respond to exercise. It's been designed with minimal tissue trauma in mind.

February 2012 Newsletter

SmartLipo Can Correct Loose Skin
This new body contouring technique doesn't just destroy fat cells-it also triggers the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps skin firm and strong.

As more collagen is produced, it tightens the treated area. That's why SmartLipo works better than conventional liposuction for people who have loose skin.

Arms and Double Chins
The areas I'm most excited about treating with this new technology are arms and double chins. Both areas tend to produce loose skin early in life, earlier than the rest of the body.

Smart Lipo's shrinking abilities make it the procedure of choice for these localized pockets of loose skin.
February 2012 Newsletter

If your upper arms are toned, but you still see hanging skin when you hold them out horizontally, this is the procedure for you!
If your face and neck have good muscular structure but you've started seeing a drop of fat below your chin and jawline, this is the procedure for you!
February 2012 Newsletter
The Latest Equipment
We've purchased the latest and most expensive SmartLipo equipment, the Triplex. It has more accurate monitoring of probe temperature than older models. We can keep the temperate of the probe exactly at the point where fat liquefies. Too little or too much heat can burn skin. The Triplex is thus safer than older equipment.

What happens during the SmartLipo procedure?
The procedure is done in our office under local anesthesia. (If you prefer general anesthesia we can do that too, but most of my patients ask for the comfort of our own surgical suite.) We'll make you comfortable and:
I'll use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

I'll make a 1- to 2-millimeter incision in the skin and insert a very thin tube with a laser fiber through it, just under the skin's surface.
As the laser fiber comes into contact with the fat cells, the heat it gives off causes the cell membranes to swell-similar to blowing up a bubble.
When the cells swell big enough, they'll burst into fatty oil.
I'll suction out the fatty oil, giving you the contours you desire.
February 2012 Newsletter
What body areas can be treated with SmartLipo?
SmartLipo is a great adjunct to traditional liposuction procedures, although it does not replace conventional liposuction. It is ideal for treating small areas such as:

chin and back of neck hips
face (not around eyes) back
inner thighs arms
abdomen male breasts (gynecomastia)
knees love handles
buttocks pubic mound

SmartLipo is also an ideal choice for "touch-ups" and revisions.

What happens when the anesthetic wears off?
Once the numbing effects of the anesthetic agent wear off, you may experience some discomfort. Although many patients do not need it, I'll give you pain medication to handle that.

Compression Garment
You will wear a compression garment home from the procedure. You'll continue to wear the garment for 1-3 weeks post-operatively, depending on the amount of fat removed.

This will provide you with comfort and support, and will help your skin settle to your new contours.
February 2012 Newsletter

How many treatments are required?
For most patients, typically only one treatment is required. The session may last from 60-90 minutes for each area treated.

Does SmartLipo treat cellulite?
The procedure will improve the body's shape and may improve cellulite to a certain degree. 

When can I expect to see results?
Results can be seen as soon as a week after treatment, with continued improvement over several months.
February 2012 Newsletter
What about future weight gain/fat migrating to other areas?
This is a common misperception. Once you have fat removed, it is gone and, assuming proper diet and exercise, it will not return or migrate.

However, because fat is necessary to a healthy body, some essential fat layers in any given site remain untreated. If you do gain a significant amount of weight, the remaining fatty tissue will expand. Fat will be proportionately distributed over your entire body.

Does this procedure have FDA Clearance?
Yes, of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be offering it.

February 2012 Newsletter
February 2012 Newsletter

If you're frustrated by the resistance of certain body areas to diet and exercise, SmartLipo can provide a solution.

Come in for a consultation. We'll tell you honestly whether you'd receive permanent benefits from this revolutionary new treatment.

Feel free to share this article with family and friends.
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