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Dr. Steven K Struck, a board certified plastic surgeon is a pioneer at the forefront of Skin Laser Technology. Dr. Struck has participated in twenty-two (22) FDA Research Studies that have benefited thousands of patients. Prestigiously published in medical journals and recognized by his peers for his presentations at medical conferences throughout the country is a reflection of Dr. Struck’s dedication to providing patients the most effective treatments available to date.

Articles Published in Scientific Journals:

2012 Establishing the Safety and Efficacy of Simultaneous Face Lift and Intraoperative Full Face and Neck Fractional Carbon Dioxide Resurfacing.

2010 Immunohistochemical Evaluation of heat shock response to nonablative fractional resurfacing

2007 The effects of pulse energy variations of the dimensions of microscopic thermal treatment zones in nonablative fractional resurfacing

2006 Laser-induced transepidermal elimination of dermal content by fractional photothermolysis