Stanford University Faculty Appointment

Stanford University Affiliation

Dr Struck is a member of the Adjunct clinical faculty at Stanford University in the Department of Plastic Surgery. In this role, Dr. Struck acts as teaching faculty in the Chief Residents Cosmetic Surgery Clinic teaching and supervising surgical procedures done by the residents. This involvement at Stanford is a great way for Dr. Struck to keep up to date in the rapidly changing field of plastic surgery. The residents and Stanford are some of the brightest young minds in plastic surgery. This academic environment also has resulted in scientific papers and presentation made by Dr Struck and the Stanford residents at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons Meeting.

The Stanford-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon conducts one-on-one consultations to best determine each person’s goals. Dr. Struck adds, “We’re big believers on educating our patients about procedures.” Set in Silicon Valley, his practice, which he opened shortly after finishing his residency in 1996, embraces innovations.