Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT

Gene expression analysis of in vivo wound healing post thermage comfort pulse technology: Evidence of neocollagenesis

Background and Objectives: Thermage CPT™ is a well known and effective treatment for skin tightening and contouring. A study was performed to evaluate the wound healing response to treatment. This data presents the seminal gene expression analysis of Thermage CPT™ induced skin remodeling.

Materials and Methods: A study was conducted to examine the effects of Thermage CPT™ treatment. The wound healing response was assessed in human forearm skin biopsies, prior to, immediately, 7, and 30 days post treatment. Total RNA was isolated and expression of TGF-ß1, hsp72, hsp47, collagen I, and collagen III was examined by qPCR analysis.

Results: Thermage CPT™ induced a pattern of increased expression as compared to untreated controls in all genes examined. Both TGF-ß1 and hsp47 had continued increased expression with maximal percent increase at 30 days (44% and 88% respectively). hsp72 displayed a biphasic response with increases immediately and 30 days after treatment (23% and 32% respectively). Collagen I displayed increased expression at all time points with peak expression at 7 days (34%). Collagen III showed a significant increase at 7 and 30 days following treatment (46% and 51% respectively).

Conclusions: The thermal effects of Thermage CPT™ and the expected chain of events in the wound healing response were characterized. Elevated expression of TGF-ß1 and hsp72 marked the onset of the early inflammatory response. The increase of hsp47 indicated the presence of an essential chaperone for the synthesis of collagen. Additionally, elevated expression of collagen I and collagen III at 30 days post treatment demonstrated Neocollagenesis. This expression profile indicates prolonged dermal remodeling to result in the overall improvement of skin tightening and contouring.